Synthetic Data to Unlock Your Privacy-Sensitive Big Data Assets

Even the most sophisticated anonymization methods on the market fall short in the presence of big data, as they can only retain a small fraction of information. This calls for a fundamentally new approach!

Based on Mostly AI's Synthetic Data Engine, Mostly GENERATE allows you to simulate highly realistic & representative synthetic data at scale, by automatically learning patterns, structures and variations from your existing data. The software-solution leverages state-of-the-art generative deep neural networks with in-built privacy mechanism to build a mathematical model of your customers and their actions.

This model retains all the valuable statistical information while rendering the re-identification of any individual impossible. By drawing randomly from the model, a synthetic population of arbitrary size can be generated at any later point. This way you will get as-good-as-real, yet fully anonymous data at granular level, that is free to use, free to share and free to monetize.


✩ is an easy-to-integrate software solution,
✩ runs on-premise or private cloud,
✩ scales to millions of customers, and
✩ retains unprecedented detail & accuracy!


How Does It Work?

The process consists of three basic steps:
1. The engine analyzes and preprocesses the existing data, that is provisioned.
2. The engine fits a high-capacity deep neural network architecture and persists it.
3. The engine utilizes the model to generate highly realistic synthetic data.

Seeing is Believing

We warmly welcome you to try out our free online demo of Mostly GENERATE by visiting Come and experience the power of Mostly AI's fully automated Synthetic Data Engine. Usage restrictions apply, but you will be able to see the ease-of-use, the flexibility as well as accuracy of Generative AI in action.

Do you want to learn more about how synthetic data will help you on your big data ambitions, while remaining compliant with data protection regulations? Then don't hesitate to reach out to us and inquire more about the power of synthetic data and how it enables you to make the most out of your data assets while zeroing out the financial and reputational risk of a privacy leak!

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